Rethinking Lawns

Exploring Lawn Alternatives for Biodiversity Support, Climate Change Resilience, and infrastructure improvement

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WBEZ: Chicago Innovators: The Biota Awards fund biodiversity research in Illinois

Awardees are studying a wide range of topics, from snake populations in the forest preserves to the effect of “burn scars.” To improve our connection to nature and make Chicago more resilient, the Walder Foundation is funding the research of five early-career Chicago-based scientists through the Biota-Awards.By Lynnea Domienik Click here to listen!

Northwestern Now: We can make lawn grass greener, says plant biologist

‘There is so much awesome biodiversity work going on in the Chicago area,’ Rebecca Barak suggests Perfectly manicured green lawns are common and cherished across the country, even in areas where water is scarce. But all the related maintenance of watering, mowing, fertilization and herbicides is environmentally damaging and actively contributes to climate change. Fortunately, there…


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The Rethinking Lawns project is made up of folks of a bunch of different expertises, all sharing a love for plants and the species they support.

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